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Anon writes som Shakespeareian level poetry

Anon writes som Shakespeareian level poetry MI File: 14394619202’ -”.' ppg (41 KB, 396x385)D Anonymous 04/ 15/ 17( Sat) 03: 57: 58 [Reply].

Anon eats an MRE

Anon eats an MRE Bree neext threadI' ll startcomes back from IraqAirings home a bunch of pork rib MRE' s( Basically military rations}Tbells me to try somekliks disgustingpngseat 3 bagsmistake of my lifedaystomach makes the loudest whale call I' ever heardipgBetook it to bathroom9.tactical shitsticks was eminentdown pants an slap my ass down on the toiletsst out a huge fart that sounded like a Gatling gunto force out the massive log that took refuge in my rectumnnothingwith the force ow US army Sherman tanksOutter a legit battlecry to get my diaphragm to push with enough forcesitting in the other roomkeksstarts to budgeagonyPussyhole expanding to sizes beyond human understandingThears in my eyesthe sharpest pain ever experienced by manmassive "" in the toilet followed by a loose, wet fartexeAscared to look into toiletwhen you stare into the abyss, the abyss stares backMt had the length and width of a can of Monster energy drinkscan hardly stand upout of the bathroom alter experiencing the most violent rapeThears in my eyes: and visibly exhaustedslidy brother' s sides are in orbitHow do people eat that shit

Op is a faggot

Op is a faggot they think a a closet faggot thatsabout to commit suicidettry to explain that the reason We neverhad a is because a spaztthey' re trying to hook me up with otherfagsggo full 88Brant about how being gay is unnaturaland it should be eradicated ect ecttthey think i just dont want to come out ofthe closet because scaredflickmylife.pngThis brings us to right now, how do iconvince them not gay.