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Political post? Bold move, Cotton

Political post? Bold move, Cotton This is getting out of hand 22 hrs agoSpare change to make it hail on woman 18 hrs agoLet the orc solve the problem 22 hrs agoTo my brothers across the pond.21 hrs agoMaster skywalker,there's to many of them 23 hrs ago2017 is promising as memes go 19 hrs agoHe wanted this though, right?

Blessed be The Emperor

Blessed be The Emperor E Anonymous (ID: () 'oiih' iilrecord serated*record scratch*freeze frayne*yep that' s me in the middlethereso I guess you' re wonderinghow I got in this position, huh?welt), it' s a funny story reallyr: and if you want, I' ll guide you through the wholething, so hold on tight!

Breaking Laws of Physics

Breaking Laws of Physics Siverded Diglakak Solospe 23 hrs agoDutch Dank Stank Comp: 1# 21 hrs agoIts about sending a message 22 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers 318-322 21 hrs agoThe European Counter-Summit 22 hrs agoTHIS IS THE LAST OF MY HAMON 22 hrs agoRegional differences in crime 17 hrs agoSecret Service Agent's Decoy Hands 13 hrs agoForbidden levels of forbidden love.20 hrs agoPick on someone your own size 16 hrs ago

Being white is tight

Being white is tight It' s so embarrassing to seeblack girls who straightentheir hair, lmao like wtf, youaren' t white, honey!Whitegirls own straight hair!