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I Hate Fairy Land #13

I Hate Fairy Land #13 My gf just posted this pic on Facebook, saying that's her and her 4 mns agoyou can finally get married 7 mns agoCan you Tell me how to get to the 7th layer of Hell 10 mns agoThis is what Ads are showing me here.38 mns agoFirst Primaris in my Army.

Memes 4 Da Soul

Memes 4 Da Soul This guy made a game to propose to his girlfriend 10 mns agoWhitebeard without his bandanna 11 mns agoStuff from my screenshot folder (possible spoilers) 17 mns ago( ) HAPPY AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT ( ) 21 mns agoThe Jewish Role in the "Refugee" crisis.22 mns agoRolden Tyexackick Uduachoowi 23 mns agoWhy must you hurt me like this?

High-Tech Polar Seal Top Keeps You Warm All Winter

High-Tech Polar Seal Top Keeps You Warm All Winter Winter is coming: Polar Seal heated smart tops keep you warm and cozy all season (or year, if you’re perpetually chilly like me).Ideal for alpine activities and snowy sports, the lightweight, flexible, breathable clothes promise up to eight hours of on-demand sultriness.