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This girl gets it

This girl gets it OHOHOOMiata, 263 kilometers away Active 10 hours agoAbout MiataEvery single time a man sleeps with a lot of women,he' s called a stud.But ifa woman sleeps with a lot ofmen, she' s called a slut, and people thinker's isunfair.

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house

Anon sleeps over at his cousins house I ( Ewes agosbe merage to cousins for sleep carerwehave it cousins32 guy' s.I girl2: satay up latepplay vidya watch moviesgiri cousin }' 5 uncle has lots of extra beershe wont notice a few missingaccentrave get buzzedguy cousin doesnt like beer goes ta bedEma gqy cousin gets phone and splits for a while311st me and girl cousinidrink more while watchingstarts saying shes drunkminutes later look {WEI and shes crashed outffind a blanket and cover her uprage to bed without molesting cousin because we have a stable funnily relationship and not attracted to her