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ESA loses three members

ESA loses three members While the Entertainment Software Association was touting recent high-profile new members like Bethesda Softworks and Magic Leap, a few other companies were quietly headed out the door.The trade organization released its annual Essential Facts industry overview today, along with a membership list short a few familiar names.

Guide to British Slang

Guide to British Slang Guide to British SlangTosser - IdiotCocktus - Screw upI Bloody ' DamnI Give You A Bell - Call youBlimeys - My GoodnessWanker - IdiotI Gutted - DevastatedBespoke - Custom MadeChuffed - ProudIO, Fancy w Likell, Sod Off - Piss off12.Homer -n Vacuum16, Kip - Sleep or nap17, Bee' s Knees.

Amazon Alexa Learns British, German Slang

Amazon Alexa Learns British, German Slang Fancy that: Amazon Alexa will soon sound more natural to Brits.Last week’s launch of SSML (Speech Synthesis Markup Language) support for speechcons means developers can now build Alexa skills that pronounce common terms in a more homegrown style.