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Punch a woman, save a life

Punch a woman, save a life she 24we camping at campsite friend told me aboutago there enjoy the sights sit by river and drinkingif days into camping I see this WEI!redhead girlghast forward adays me and peptalk and riverbasks ifl wanna some back to to eatrafter we eat we talk a lilHT.

There's a cure?

There's a cure? ( wrang rum: yerr.SitThere' s a cure?

Robot gets a job

Robot gets a job Anonymous l 26213027 34 min.ago canffirst day of work at first job evereat fast food restaurantsit' s supposedly training sessionstoria actually get taught anythingput me at the cash registerorders somethingttry to find it on the screen194.


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Anon seeks his ancestry

Anon seeks his ancestry E Anonymoused/ 26/ 1 7( : 37: 55 No.36571743sly?