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Robot gets a job

Robot gets a job Anonymous l 26213027 34 min.ago canffirst day of work at first job evereat fast food restaurantsit' s supposedly training sessionstoria actually get taught anythingput me at the cash registerorders somethingttry to find it on the screen194.


LOOK AT ME HECTOR 3/19/17-Citizens speak of the Sanctuary Cities 7 mns agoCrowder on Bill Nye Saves the World 11 mns agoOne of the users in /autism/ turned this in.16 mns agoGet the F**K out of my house (1v5) 31 mns agoGeorge Lincoln Rockwell Section 46 mns agotrump didn't make anime real, 48 mns agoSeest Mesloshein Absoudsi 54 mns agoConfession thread (Day 24th of April) 1 hr agoXilepapsic Kaveto Lyencive 1 hr agoWhen Does The Magic Begin?

Anon seeks his ancestry

Anon seeks his ancestry E Anonymoused/ 26/ 1 7( : 37: 55 No.36571743sly?

Anon is a dreamer

Anon is a dreamer ii Anonymous '07/ 08/ 17( Sat) : 24I fucking hate my life lb!wwant to cook steakssit I try to cook the steaks right nowI will be yelled at by roommate739 KB PNG ajust want my god damned steaksccan' t cook steaks for another hourhour from now it becomes socially acceptable tocook steaksis growlingI just want to cook my steaks

Honesty has its value

Honesty has its value Because, if you look closely enough, things begin to appear 32 snds agoLittle problems require little measures 2 mns agoThese commies are quick to turn on each other 6 mns agoTrump got Stumped after he Humped.13 mns agoHave the science gone too far?