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Tom Clancy’s The Division Underground Expansion Review -

Tom Clancy’s The Division Underground Expansion Review - The Division has changed a great deal since it was first released at the beginning of March 2016.Since then it’s had numerous updates and a few large free content releases.

Anon is a trashman

Anon is a trashman 5 Anonymous 08/ 1 an 6( Thu) 09: 38: 43 No.700047370Since y' all like work stories, Ifigured imma share this oneffirst week working as atrashmanggo pick up the trash from thisone house that' s a bit isolated34 KB JPGfrom the otherstthink spruces circling the yard, standing abouttall, you can see inside the yard only from theroadtthe yard itself isn' t that big as it seems, maybeper side, filled with old house electronicsand scrap metalaand the house is small as fuck, probably hasabout 3 rooms and half of its' yellow paint hascrumbled awayggo for the fucker' s trash, smellsaas I empty them in the trashcan, notice that it' swith diapers, some have even mold inthema slightly disgusted facial expressionffuck it and forget about itPic unrelatedCont.

One of the few non shitty ones

One of the few non shitty ones I dent get all this ‘Black Lives Matter‘ - ‘BlueLives Matter" divide, I been around here since157 and I newer been to jail.All I see I" ) arethese / s running : I getting shotbecause they think they can do whatever theywant.

Sorry But Hearthstone Isn’t Fun Anymore -

Sorry But Hearthstone Isn’t Fun Anymore - Many Hearthstone players have been complaining about the game growing stale since the Whispers of the Old Gods expansion and it seems that things have only gotten worse since its release on April 26, 2016.Hearthstone is simply too much about RNG now and any illusion that this game actually took skill to be good at has flown out the window faster than a magician’s pigeon.