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Divinity: Original Sin II Interview

Divinity: Original Sin II Interview There's an article-style interview with Larian's Swen Vincke over at PCGamesN today, where the company founder tackles such Divinity: Original Sin II topics as story mechanic improvements, the importance of a character's origin, their plans to inject "narrative competitive multiplayer" into the game, and more.A sampling:

Six Winners and Losers of Worlds Day One

Day One of Worlds kicked off with sky-high expectations and five matches between the elite from each region.1: Counter Logic Gaming Counter Logic Gaming took the first game of Worlds by beating G2 against the entire analyst desk’s predictions, which is a fantastic start for their tournament.

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Divinity: Original Sin II Upcoming Gameplay Changes

Divinity: Original Sin II Upcoming Gameplay Changes Larian's Swen Vincke was going through their forums and decided to share a thing or two about what's in store for Divinity: Original Sin II.Swen's post mainly describes the impending changes coming to the Early Access builds now that the official release is not that far away, and the ways in which the final version will differ from what is currently available.

Anon didn't get an STD

Anon didn't get an STD HT: School green textssin athleticskkinda paperweight, but biggieshave a mire as a friend inathletics tooeveryone else is a jockppeople begin to talk about arumor of a huge partysupprisingly, we get invitationsmay rolls aroundffriend and I decide to skip party play and tradepokemonsthere was a big orgywhen the next day everyone that went to theparty got STEMthey are no Zenger fertilePikemen saved myself from a serious STD

The truest of patriots

The truest of patriots sin sandbox (Iraq)in the middle of BFEMerst mes at the FOBcanvey is a day or two em SC) we gotta clear the mute fer Ellesne hadjis SC) we are looking fer pressure sensitive shitssee a goatsits walking in flynt of us aimlessly following the readsweat tripsseires wires everyone get downscalar sectors confirm bogeysscrab multi teel and approachsgently snip wiressmeller 2 wires back, find 2 buried 155' smain wire backto find anglophonefrigged fer a phone call boomsweat is now watching usskive goat a bite of my candy bar fer finding EDsweat fellers us back to basesnuset day en patrol goat is walking in ffront of em squad probably hoping fer seme mere feedsweat charges foreward and finds something to chew enshe pulls en whatever he is chewingchocking det cead that was wrapped around at smaller mortar shellssweat ate through the det ceadssuck it he deserves a whale candy barsceme upen an overturned busssomeone jokingly put his helmet en the goat and told him to go find a EDmeat walks around the busshear a gunshotssee the goat take off runningappearently a hadji sniper sarthe helmet and shatter seenpeeks around the bus and sees a small shack maybe 150 yards outdbacks up and lebs a HE with his 203secures hadji out behind the shacksmew him downmeat returnsderivate dumbshit can' t find his lid new because the goat must have dropped itssmall enough shack gewust torch itmet the bus moved with 2 winches en 2 humveesmeat fellers us backto baseswe bring him in and feed himsmake a sachel that said EOD goatshat daypatrol and small squads en resupply mutestalking doing a quick check fer shitmeat charges eff into the distanceshear a screamsleek and see goat attacking a ham that was hiding behind a outcroppingshady sheets the goat with his pistolMMAN DOWN take out hadjisthat night we honered the goat by feasting upon his cerise

/x/ tells creepy stories

/x/ tells creepy stories 5 Anonymous 03/ (/ I 7( Fri) 1 3: 23: 1 2 No.18812921sso I was working outworkout at home in rall/ garageait gets pretty hot since I live inTexas so I leave the garagedoors open14 KB we : tend to workout at night for noreason at allthere I ann just doing rrly sets until the lightsstart to flickerput dayvan the weights take out 1" rll/ head phonesand head to the light switchbbut for reason I looked out of the garagedoor and saw a cat sitting therennothing unusual so I looked m/ val/ and as soonas I did it barked at rnelooked back and it was goneknot really creepy or anything just odd

Anon helps a disabled girl

Anon helps a disabled girl E Anonymous (ID: -1 EB20452929 sfssee girlsin wheelchairclift is out of servicelooks a little perturbedherioffer to carry her up the stairsoh that' s very sweet of you but-"preassure her of my strengtha little, just to get the message acrossbut really-"suecide to be alphaajust fuckin pick her upsay muchcarry her up the five flights ofstairsher clownoff with a slightly smug expressionjust sits there, unable ts do anythingwithout her wheelchair