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/fit/izen gets a number

/fit/izen gets a number C) Anonymous 0311611 7( Thu).52 No.

What's wrong with people?

What's wrong with people? see this in parking lets and it makes me sick.It' ll be degrees Bibi' f,'',and people will leave their Hugh in the ear with the window crackedant};?

holy fuck das sick

holy fuck das sick MFW every time I see weaboo trash on FJ 46 snds agoCute Stuff (Hideyoshi Edition) 1 mn agoBrian Wu Misgenders Someone 6 mns agoJust watch the world burn 12 mns agoNow I wanna know what happened to Jake 13 mns agoTrump Does Not Care About The Climate 24 mns ago

when you get arrested

when you get arrested I'm sick and tired of being forced to defend myself in the comments every time one of these crops up.Today, this was posted by a former player who was arrested in character alongside the other members of a secret order they cropped up.

Finally some sanity in my feed

Finally some sanity in my feed aam SICK of white people opening "Mexican" restaurants!Have youeven heard of cultural appropriation!