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holy fuck das sick

holy fuck das sick MFW every time I see weaboo trash on FJ 46 snds agoCute Stuff (Hideyoshi Edition) 1 mn agoBrian Wu Misgenders Someone 6 mns agoJust watch the world burn 12 mns agoNow I wanna know what happened to Jake 13 mns agoTrump Does Not Care About The Climate 24 mns ago

when you get arrested

when you get arrested I'm sick and tired of being forced to defend myself in the comments every time one of these crops up.Today, this was posted by a former player who was arrested in character alongside the other members of a secret order they cropped up.

Finally some sanity in my feed

Finally some sanity in my feed aam SICK of white people opening "Mexican" restaurants!Have youeven heard of cultural appropriation!

Anon calls in sick

Anon calls in sick 5 Anonymous 04/ 21/ 16( Thu) 06: 08: 59 No.680453076we memall in sick moncler til todaycause i' m a lazy fuckcalls asking whats wrongnot sure, some trouble withmy wreath.

Migrants are sick of migrants

Migrants are sick of migrants It' s become terrible around here".MIGRANTS call for Merkel todeport MIGRANTSGERMAN migrants are hitting out at Angela Merkel' sopen door immigration policy and the influx of NEWmigrants saying it has wrecked their standard of living.

What do you buy?

What do you buy? Vavis Pimapokays Xairyenedo 1 mn agoAnd I feel just like Jesus son 10 mns agoHERE'S THE MAIL IT NEVER FAILS 15 mns agoThe Difference, for you kids 17 mns agoThe Dark Tower - one Question 27 mns agoI'm a spider, so what?Ch 18.