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people dying 4 you might be in the next comp

people dying 4 you might be in the next comp Why you shouldn't go parachuting, this guys chute never deployed Lady kills 2 right outside of a church when she loses control of her car Moscow nightclub owner falls to his death; had an argument with wife and "accidentally" fell out 19th floor window The deadliest car crash in history, Le Mans, 1955.It resulted in 80 people dying and over 120 being critically injured.

The Original Doom shotgun

The Original Doom shotgun The display case at id Software' s.emcee deriding the try gun that wasdigitized ital '.

When pizza is life

When pizza is life Learn English for Her and Yourself 1 mn ago"What are you gonna do the rest of the day?" 9 mns agoLet Me Teach You About the Family Court System 11 mns agoHe's not stopping anytime soon 19 mns agoFirst Green Lantern book I read 23 mns ago

Snowflake buys a gun

Snowflake buys a gun I reposted this for the commentary 20 mns agoJust looking for my underwear 44 mns agoEastern vs Western Feminism.48 mns agoWhen You Find Out A God Exists 55 mns agoWhat's there a ton of in heaven?

Robot discovers the perfect suicide method

Robot discovers the perfect suicide method 5 Anonymous 07/ 22/ 17( Sat) 18: 31: 293854_ 4885#Not him, but came up with this one in tth grademet a shotgunammo off a tall building headfirst with shotgun inmouthbeefore you splat pull the triggerAnd there' s a big fat mess for all the normies towitness and clean up.if it5 Anonymous tla/ 22/ 17( Sat) 18: 33:.

/k/ gets a shotgun

/k/ gets a shotgun I' m newguys, and I bought this Meelee 10 yesterday for 315, and took ittrap shooting an hour later.Leave this thing, and it helps that I have aknack fer trap sheeting.

Tower of Time Interview

Tower of Time Interview Tower of Time, a classic-inspired RPG/RTS hybrid by Event Horizon currently on Steam Early Access, came seemingly out of nowhere and has already managed to impress a considerable number of people.As such, the folks at Rock, Paper, Shotgun have decided to interview Krzysztof Monkiewicz, the project's lead, in order to find out more about the intriguing title.