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doing this in public was pretty shitty

doing this in public was pretty shitty [trigger mentionlist Cartoonsandlolis] Your browser does not support the video tag.Your browser does not support the video tag.

Anon has a broken toilet.

Anon has a broken toilet. Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [U Auto]File: ( 43 KB.5001335}vmy shitty has been broken for monthsprofessional repairafraid to interact with crapper repairman because he wiil think I' m at stupid cite}: for not being able to its my own toilettohave been shitting in my yard ever since it got brokenWhit pile in yard is getting more and more noticeableWhy am I We thisnot professional help

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101 Right where it belongs :^) After dumping everything into the bin Your browser does not support the video tag.Okay, explanation what the literal **** is going on:>Do freelance work for a game retail shop>Apparently they received a shipment of ME:A with all of the CD-Keys stolen during transit>Big **** you to EA for not even disabling the stolen CD-Keys>This crap would actually need to end up in trash eventually so we just decided to have some fun

Autism is just Shitty Parenting

Autism is just Shitty Parenting Put a child in front of a his whole infancy to watch people whoare completely unaware of his existence and nayer look at him inthe eyes We completely unrealistic MIS'.for his amusement.

Anon has a bad day

Anon has a bad day E AnonymousH” A shaving a really shitty daywe to the KFC drivethroughatthe female cashier seemsreally creeped out by me21 KB JPG fer same reasenasst hands me my feedwithout a word, I say "Thanks" and drive offsteel even verse because the cashierdidn' t even tell me to have a nice daysstop by the convenience store on the wayhemeaanother female cashier, diesn' t greet me,diesn' t tell me he have a nice dayr-" get inside my car and just fucking SNAPand start screamingElam car into reverse and blast out of myspace without leakingspull out really fast withers looking andstart fishtailing because the road was wetsstill screaming incs: aperentlyspun into my driveway and scream as mudas I can for a minute pr twojust sit there and try to calmdawnGod dammit all they had do was say thecanned fucking line to me "Have a niceday" and I wouldn' t have flipped out.Whythe fuck didn' t they met say it?

Give Her the Dick

Give Her the Dick hm ridden bareback and naked on a horse beforeI' masturbated a female horse (it wasn' t by choice) so I was too scared to give herthe DI did on a different horse, one I knew and trustedowed that the have a hue 3 rm binder full ofslit wasn' t by choice)You were forced to schlick a mare?masturbaters a female horseit wasn' t by choice)sit wasn' t by choiceyesthe mare was new to the farm and was displaying jealousy about the closeness I hadwith the other one (the one I made love to)she would nudge and nicker at me whenever she saw meI gave her plenty of attention, just not the kind she wanted, ifyou know what I meanone evening while grooming her, she pretended to have an issue back there and as Iwas checking it out, she pinned my arm against her butt and the wall of her stablemy hand slipped inside her and she wouldn' t let me go until I satisfied heryes, I was technically raped by a horsenot gonna lie, I got a harden from it, but I has ashamed because it wasnt from mymare