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Australian NSW Police Shitpost

Australian NSW Police Shitpost GOD EMPEROR: WE SHALL TAKE THE STARS 23 hrs agowhite should stay in their own nations 15 hrs agoBest way to give a girl your number 22 hrs agoNow thats what I call game journalism 22 hrs ago3 year-old trans children should be respected 21 hrs agoI think they did that on purpose.20 hrs agoWho are they gotta go after next?

Free kekistan - #kekfugees welcome

videos QuizzesBuzzfeed NewsTasty MoreFREE PAKISTAN -The Pakistani people are being oppressed.the Pakistani people have been long oppressed byThey should no longer hold in their shitposts in tear or being oppressed or called a bigot,racist, nan.

Schrödinger's shitpost

Schrödinger's shitpost ,This is the new 'stiill'!They thought they wereclever by announcing this sign 'Jtl8: 29 Altai - 30 Apr i?