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Anon loves his mother

Anon loves his mother E Anonymous 07/ 05/ 1?(Wed) 23: 15: 27 83766Anought some cheap shirt for atWalmartttake it home and try it onago to the mirror to see if it looksgoodas KB We decently, turn slightly to checkit out and smile at myself in themirrorsplashback to when my mom would buy me clothesas a kid, put them on me and I' d turn so she cansee if they fittthen she' d smile at mespuddenly hit with massive feelsup pretty poor, mom and dad worked a lotjust to afford very basic luxuries for mewll was always happy, I always had a smile on myface, I never went wantingnow and moved to another state for work,haven' t seen my beautiful mother in a long timemar birthday is coming up, gonna get her a cardand a gift card to a clothing storeNever take anyone you have in your life for grantedanons; al View Thread l5 Anonymous / 17( Wed) 23: 46: 34 No.

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu

Curny Ysirea Escur Gevemalu Clinton under investigation: News from the other side 27 snds agoNeed some help 2: Electric Boogaloo 3 mns agoError heart.exe has stopped working 21 mns agoMint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 24 mns agoAnon trolls women with a Chad account 43 mns agoI laughed, but it hurt a little 44 mns agoWell once is never enough 53 mns agoEd Sheeran's cameo in the movie "her" 54 mns agoIs The Pizza Guy Still Here?

There Are Two New Shirts Available Now!

There Are Two New  Shirts Available Now! There are two new shirts available for order or pre-order right now!Note that the Nobody Wins shirt is a pre-order item.

T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Sega Shirts

T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Sega Shirts The computer revolution has enabled the T-shirt world to become something totally new – affordable production and distribution means that shirts can be printed in small quantities and sold anywhere in the world.The first Sonic shirt we’re sharing here comes courtesy of artist Byway, who renders a realistic take on what the blue speedster’s iconic footwear would look like in our universe.