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Colony Ship Game Update #13

Colony Ship Game Update #13 Iron Tower Studio's Colony Ship Game has received a new development update, and it's a meaty one.It talks about the peculiarities of creating a game in a sci-fi setting, describes several of the game's locations, provides examples of in-game dialogues, shows off some pieces of concept art and gun models, and more.

Anon comes up with a idea for the fight against ISIS

Anon comes up with a idea for the fight against ISIS 5 Anonymous (ID: ) PIWhy don' t we weaponize pig ship.)jpg13 KB JPGSo I heard today that 3 ISIS militants were killed and 5more were injured by wild boars, and heard somecomments about how due to their beliefs, they' re goingstraight to hell because they were killed by a swine whichis considered unclean.

Wipeout Omega collection comes with an ‘anti-gravity’ model

Wipeout Omega collection comes with an ‘anti-gravity’ model To celebrate Wipeout Omega collection officially going gold, Sony has created a super-special edition of the game — details of which have yet to be revealed — which comes with a model of the Tigron FX350 racer.Better yet, that model uses a clever magnet system to hover much like the anti-gravity ships do in the various Wipeout games.

'Sea of Thieves' hits Xbox One and PC in 2018

'Sea of Thieves' hits Xbox One and PC in 2018 Sea of Thieves is a cooperative pirate action-adventure game currently being developed for Xbox One and PC by Rare with publisher Microsoft Studios.In order to keep the focus on player skill rather than stats, there are no classes or specializations in Sea of Thieves.

Babies on a plane

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I ship these two

I ship these two extra dash o' JoJo take 2 4 mns agoRotting Christ - In Nomine Dei Nostri 6 mns agoAnon enters a political thread 7 mns agoDEVILMAN crybaby | Trailer [HD] | Netflix 8 mns agoNothing Konami does will ever make me forgive them for Koji- 15 mns agoMudkip's Stolen Memes #52 15 mns agoHistory isn't everyone's strong suit 22 mns agoPentakill: Mortal Reminder 28 mns agoXeldokluco Rorcom Bifexcongo 30 mns agoThe Effects of SJW Double-Think 30 mns agoDr Who's Car In Street Crash Rumpus 30 mns agoLittle Bandicoot is happy to see you 31 mns ago

Just buzzfeed making fake news

Just buzzfeed making fake news So the Defend Europe ship C-star had a small technical the government, media and NGOs went all out to use this opportunity for propaganda.