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You Know Who Else Fixed The Roads?

You Know Who Else Fixed The Roads? Figure 5: Shift in Favor of the NS Regime between Nov.Autobahn spending waskey to Hitler' s consolidation of powerboingboing.

Pokemon saved a life

Pokemon saved a life Anonymous 3 minutes agobe mea be 23work in hospital that' s in a really shittyneighborhoodr: work night shift get out atwalking to my trucka suddenly a wild nignog appearsman lemme akechi sumthin"'start getting a feeling in pit of mystomach so I tum around to walk back tohospitalNignog 2 has entered the battleYou know what this is wallet phone andkeys nigga"Go instant beta and go to give himeverything when suddenly phone rings.mpaThe nignogs stop".

You Know This Post

You Know This Post a kidKhorne home from schoolsmom works an evening shiftat a gas stationsshe leaves pizza for meshave two games for mySNESTournament Fighters and TheAddams Familyrout pizza in oven and use watch to time itsplay game while pizza Weeks, often getdistracted by my games.burnt pizza most nights but eat itanyway.

Get seven different endings in the interactive film ‘Late Shift’

Get seven different endings in the interactive film ‘Late Shift’ Penned by the screenwriter behind Guy Ritchie’s first Sherlock Holmes film, Late Shift was originally written “like a normal film,” according to director Tobias Weber, before changing to a “hybrid between flowchart and traditional film script” in order to keep better track of the game’s complex choices and their consequences.More: ‘The Bunker’ explores one man’s isolated life after a nuclear apocalypse “We would first film one story strand, then move on to a variation of it.