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D&D Snu Snu

D&D Snu Snu 3123' 1, 000 lb gnoll trialling mound with an anrpm nulls a lame pawn as tandem loot.3'' half elf gets iritated We dd cking it, only midi: in party.

D&D Mouse Bombs

Update: I am considering posting some of my own D&D stories soon (the first of which will be the tale of my players and their adventure involving an eco-warrior, a lich and a whale dong).However, it may take a few days to get it all written up since I work full-time and I'm planning to write two versions of the story that will be included in the same post (the first version will be the short/condensed version for those who don't like long stories, and the other version will be the whole story for those who want more detail).

D&D Fisting Wizard

D&D Fisting Wizard Our wizard is a bit mist.His most resent station was the The Fists and F" ultr: h' ".

D&D Broken Barbarian

D&D Broken Barbarian Our barbarian saved up an his nuns}; tram mm dungeons, until he was able in buy a few items mat, inBait at Ant Haul tripled his sawing imagine a libel barbarian a spliced metal animal at yeti, and than shouting, and watching the E innit plasma tum trite a Ethat its.

King's Game Shenanigans

King's Game Shenanigans We've finally reached the epitome of gaming!13 mns ago/tv/ on using a Death Note 31 mns ago"Stop this misogynistic meme!