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Duni Pima Pinsi Atuim

I I Garlic Bread Memes added a new photo:IE 3 hrs.itNM.

would u swipe right?

would u swipe right? I' m trans.Detho you stilllike me?

anon shares a story

anon shares a story s.riu'.

/pol/ack shares his thoughts on /mlpol/

/pol/ack shares his thoughts on /mlpol/ E Anonymous (ID: ' )giirlSun)I miss those horse fuckers already.Pros:Baronies scare off the shills andT_ D with horse porn49 KB We ; are redialledBaronies post in their own threadsBaronies know whats its like to be hated by everyother boardCons:Hoorse porn threadsNnothing else reallyStrawpoll from yesterday:http: h' wwy.

It Can't Make Up Her Mind

It Can't Make Up Her Mind ptr-, isCHILEDThis takes serious strength.D.

the madman actually did it

the madman actually did it 2 hours ago- 'l SharesMassive Explosions As Putin Drops ‘NewType Of Bomb‘ In SyriaClaire Reid in NEWSFootage which reportedly show Russian jets dropping bombs on rebel forces in Syria hasemerged.Massive explosions were filmed in the towns of Sauran, Talbot , Halfass andin Hama Province, AI Mastar News reports.

Super Secret Dank Meme Dump #2

Super Secret Dank Meme Dump #2 North Korean Crisis: Things You Need To Know 3 mns agoWhen you wanted to play Doom but your parents were too strict 6 mns agoRC Rock Crawler - 1/10 scale rc rock crawler D90 Land.10 mns agoI never noticed the similarities 13 mns agoUldephasud Bamsur Zashowamsu 15 mns agoLets get the ball roling shall we?