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Actual morbid humor content

Actual morbid humor content itNata clay was he that i dent miss Steve.Comment " Sharehese thoughtful words truly pierced my heart.

The European Counter-Summit

The European Counter-Summit Organizers of the conference in Koblenz, billed as a “ counter-summit”, said participants would set out their joint “vision for a Europe of freedom”.I believe that what also brings us together is a rejection of the European Union's laissez-faire policies," she told French radio Classique on Friday.

Trump Abusing the Elderly

Trump Abusing the Elderly shared Just President Trump Things photo.FJust President Trump Things , Like pagetbl hrsThis is a leaked photo from the late Hull' s where Trump was dared he several onhisfriends to abuse an elderly man.

Anon does a God-tier TL;DR

Anon does a God-tier TL;DR IT 1- one its senses}7 ' shared Ines video.allThe want blast: people to stop the latest: on meet: on me?

Netflix may soon let you share a profile with someone based on taste

Netflix may soon let you share a profile with someone based on taste “We’ll try it with 1,000 people with it and 1,000 people without it, and if the 1,000 with it tend to watch more content, then we’ll launch such feature.” The future of you and your significant other finally agreeing on what to watch on Netflix could come down to 2,000 people.