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The state of Rachel Maddow right now

The state of Rachel Maddow right now ET?3602shapes up that she' s releasing trump' s tax returns on her show at 9: estlipreads quickly through the interwebsiansane hyper/ politics salivatingjust before she goes on that the taxes are only from EDGEto spend the first ' s right, of the show spouting baseless and loopy russian conspiracy theoriesstakes a commercial breakeat this point everyone knows she has nothingsshow comes back onpshaws two pages of trump' s HIDE taxesait' s illegal to show them on airsshe reads the white house statement saying that it' s illegal for her to do sosshe does it anywayitums out trump paid something like 35% tax on , 000, 000 that yearHigher rate than msnbc, mama, men bemis kekgguy who gave the tax returns to maddow comes on and says he got them in his mailboxtrump sent them himself to btfu maddowshitshow

architectre over the years

architectre over the years l 700at its best is pure per%aart is unbelievably detailed and aesthetically pleasing in its shapes and colorschums are complex to an insane degree and campusing music requires anextraordinarily smart and creative persintthe general mindset among peaple is and living with meaning2017is always as baring and simple as it can possibly beaart consists cf splashes cf paint on a canvas and literal garbageasit is , the paint where it' s almost numbing, must and as are entirelytalentless and the lyrics are naming but a vessel encouraging m fem behaviour andhypersexualityshamans are dumb as fuck even thaugh we have all of the inebriation markitu has ever gathered right in our packetsrenaming matters tic anvice anymore, expect branded products and steal media