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Cosmopolitan's double standards

Cosmopolitan's double standards 2 1 mn agoTHIS IS A JOKE ABOUT MASTURBATING ON THE INTERNET!6 mns agoWE WILL NOT QUIETLY INTO THE NIGHT 11 mns agoTHE ONLY WAY TO PLAY TRUE FIRE EMBLEM 18 mns agoWhen you need me, wake me 19 mns ago"What do you think of that, Mr.

CNN plans to merge with AT&T

CNN plans to merge with AT&T 5 Anonymous (ID: )lla&CNN' s parent company, Time Warner, isplanning to merge with ATT, They are321 KB PINK?still waiting for FCC approval and there isnothing signed yet.


GET OFF THE STREET! OLD PEOPLE ARE DRIVING! Biov Sanomyt Utir Ilytuduld 5 mns agoWhen anons downvote your posts 7 mns agoDwingle & Prunque's Natural 20 Tablets 9 mns agoNews Anchors Lose It Over “F in Her Life” Tea Leaves Segment 15 mns agoWhen Link is ready to give up 24 mns agoThe New Law and Order looks pretty good 25 mns agoDidsunt Idecc Iscu Kilfil 29 mns agoCall the vet because this kitten is sick af.30 mns ago

Now I want Taco Bel

Now I want Taco Bel Found Trump Street in London 16 mns agoStephen Colbert slowly descend into madness 40 mns agoI wonder what's the next demon will be.44 mns agoTexas Wants To Make It Legal To Run Over Protesters 53 mns agoThe Wise man and The Bright Boy 1 hr agoSweet memes that melt in your mouth 1 hr agoMuranese!

Ben Affleck jump and I like

Ben Affleck jump and I like free speech = NAZI PHRASE 11 hrs agoTard Fight of Biblical Proportions 9 hrs agoDaily News August 31-2017 20 hrs agoAwesome baby and even "awesomer" parents 20 hrs ago"Investigation" flowchart 18 hrs agoInteresting facts that you should know!11 hrs agoThis Isnt Even My Final Friend 21 hrs agoPlease state the nature of your medical emergency 15 hrs ago