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July 4th Pariotism Comp

July 4th Pariotism Comp The world's most detailed scan of the brain's internal wiring 37 snds ago[RRREEEEEEE's in American] 2 mns agoMeet my new kitten, Weiss.10 mns agoMeanwhile, in 'Murica on July 4th 20 mns agoSometimes things work out, but most of the time they don't 25 mns agoBearded Dragons - Calcium is important!


SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED Emma Jones" @.lenghty again"You could go door to door and take all theguns and it' d probably be surprisinglyuneventfulPM - 27 Jul 2017tda Us Use Eltlt Tweet your replyReplying to ti.

Was this photo of refugees staged by the media?

Was this photo of refugees staged by the media? hen steer staged "drawning migrants" [mete we is ruined by 'ital.menstanding up -‘awkwardgr alleWAKE UP before it is too late: It shows the water level is shallow, the manis standing up; the rest pretend drowning, FAKE migrants.

Mainstream media these days

Mainstream media these days We've finally reached the epitome of gaming!12 mns ago/tv/ on using a Death Note 30 mns ago"Stop this misogynistic meme!

Kitten can't fits.

Kitten can't fits. Anon destroys dad's computer 2 mns agoFreedom from government shirts 6 mns agoGrocery Shopping With Vegans Be Like 8 mns agoThis must be what heaven feels like 10 mns agoFat Shaming Friday, FRBs, XFEL, Debarked (DN Sep-1-17) 12 mns agoDavimpocko Zottan Wavodsonan 26 mns agoMaro Uduchu Lacien Fiecryis 27 mns agoBe careful what you wish for 30 mns agoEven in a disaster no one wants the vegan food 50 mns ago