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RIP Illegals, liberals offended

RIP Illegals, liberals offended Number: 1553 addsExpiration Date:GP HemSecurityinoculations o!from child exploitation lo transnational gangsUse this farm to report prospected t: :us and (CE) investigates mere thanBe as spastic and as detailed as possible.

/pol/ sets the record straight

/pol/ sets the record straight File: (26 KB, 320x480)ftfw black and was at the LIE Berkley protests defending Milo and all of the nummie Antipas were dead ass afraid of meand I even blathered one in the head after he bumped into meAdmit it moi!You guys want negro strength when it is on your sideI don' t have a problem with black people unlike most of mot’.

/b/tard goes on a date.

/b/tard goes on a date. Why do I always messeverything up /b/ res?sbe mesets me up15 KB JPG with a blind dateup on time dressed wellsshe is way too hot for mesuecide I need to be funny to keep herinterestedKnight goes on and we' re just talkingball is goodsshe says she takes care of her sisters kidwhile she is in jailbasks me if I like kids3: -now' s my chance, don' t want to be boringmay "I love kids!

‘Arms’: Meet the cast and weapons of the upcoming Switch fighter

‘Arms’: Meet the cast and weapons of the upcoming Switch fighter When Arms first appeared at the Nintendo Switch press event in January, it was easy to draw comparisons to both Punch-Out!More: ‘Arms’: Our first take From the weapons trailer, while the fighters have default weapons, it seems that each character can equip multiple sets of gloves.