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Well, he's not wrong...

Well, he's not wrong... The activist trolley problem:The trolley is headed towards an mmff' IR amount of people.Given an infinite amount of people thetrolley will stop on its own at somepoint because it will either run out ofenergy or the wheels will get toodamaged from running people over.

Dark souls comp #45 (I think)

Dark souls comp #45 (I think) Tony vs Bill: Kiss and make up Best GTA V RP Highlights #46 25 snds ago/x/ guard fights iraqi zombies 1 mn agoPerfect games don't exis- 17 mns agoLike touching a bench that says wet paint.17 mns agoDamnit Google you ruined it!

Anon imagines the future of brits

Anon imagines the future of brits News Earth TraysHa Sign in fI EWSSport Weather ShopVideo World " Itm rI fume StillnessTechnologyPorn ID checks set to start in April 2018By Leo KellenTechnology desk editor7 hours ago TechnologyHello mils, have you applied for your Porn ID yet?582shaving tea and crumpets with me momsmoking of Muriel from worki like to have a little in out, in out with herscuse me mum.

Porn ID checks set to start in April 2018

Porn ID checks set to start in April 2018 mortuz prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment A nine-month countdown to the introduction of compulsory age checks on online pornography seen from the UK has begun.The age-check requirement applies to any website or other online platform that provides pornography "on a commercial basis" to people in the UK.