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Is this journalist serious?

Is this journalist serious? tit Elk ti' tatt , EuniceIn the end, Mr.Trump ended up delivering both of theseimagined speeches - combined as one, And it worked, CentralEurope appreciated the president' s speech.

/b/ does gangbang math

/b/ does gangbang math There are 5 men forming a circle around a girl and jacking off to her, as part of a gangbang.The circle' s larger, the girl' s getting farther and the sweaty men arecloser to one another to see her, rubbing on each other.

How would America take Canada?

How would America take Canada? Filo: 200 J: -Location Hath Am _.- (232 KB, 2000x2000)It is the year 2018 Emperor Trump tasks you integrating Canada into the United States as asYou have the resources of the US military and DHS to assist you How do you proceed.

Anon has a serious question

Anon has a serious question Anon cant escape Stacy's orbit 6 mns agoStar-Spangled Boat At The Beach 12 mns agoWashington Post doxxes 9yo boy 19 mns agoNytandonda Pexhel Gomushin 20 mns agoBerserk: Manga Guts VS.Anime Guts 22 mns agoHE GOT HIS SZECHUAN SAUCE!

A favorite of mine

A favorite of mine Hey, I need you to mate otter right HOWMy hoochie had an LSD » aie at a partyand how he' s flipping the took outAre you serious?That BOUNCE awesomee.

Gran Torino is best old man

Gran Torino is best old man The Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 9 snds agoDabartievi Idor Wocharyind 12 mns agoWhite Hand of Isengard on a French Army AMX-10 RC.13 mns ago7.

people dying, I forgot a title

people dying, I forgot a title Michael Wyder crashes and gets some serious DEJA VU and then ******* burns to death ISIS fighter tries to run but is gunned downed by Iraqi military A tour bus takes a tour of the bottom of a river, killing 17 Runaway Gas tanker kills 3 after hitting a car trying to pass Car is tag teamed by 2 trucks, one hitting it into the path of the otherbot the driver and passenger died US military Flamethrower soldier is gunned down shortly after arriving at normandy Bike explodes on impact with a car and the driver gets launched into the aironly to land in said fire middle aged man is targeted by terrorists and has a bomb planted in his car Family of 3 killed when driver refuses to slow down

Good thing from Dragon Ball Evolution

Good thing from Dragon Ball Evolution Anon tries to cook his tendies 4 mns agouh yeah it's a pretty good show.8 mns agoBecause I like causing pain for the network engineers out there.

Deadpool is relatable tbh

Deadpool is relatable tbh [SPOILER] ERMA'S SECRET IDENTITY REVEAL 1 mn agoNew + Old Ace Combat 7 Screenshots 4 mns agoWHen you weren't invited at a LAN Party 6 mns agoI feel like this repost is fitting for right now 7 mns agoVaginadventures and the nutty brie cheese.11 mns agoMarowak looks so confused 12 mns agoDrake & Josh think they're dad is cheating 23 mns agoyfw this is coming down on you 29 mns agoAnon tries to cook his tendies 34 mns agouh yeah it's a pretty good show.

Finally Dancing with the stars is worth watching

Finally Dancing with the stars is worth watching Got more important things to do , i'm sorry lol 10 mns agoFlorida don feel di force 32 mns agoInsane Dragon's Potions CYOA 34 mns agoSnippet from a true story 46 mns agoBoruto's Dad's Friend's Brother 1 hr agoFearless Girl vs The Kitchen 1 hr agoGot some things to sort out 1 hr agoMeanwhile, A Year Ago.1 hr agoYour daily dose of sadness 1 hr agoDouble Denied Titanfall 2 CTF 1 hr agoMore Spiky Child [Bakugou Comp 2] 1 hr agoA National ID Card Is Coming You Will Need It to Fly and drive 2 hrs agoA-are you threatening me?