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Anon's theory on why some men prefer traps

Theory: I think the reasen traps seem attractive m modern guys is bceause they simply act and dress likesubmissive WOMEN.The reasen why this is such a big deal is be modem day women dress end actextremely unattractive and ''dominant" and itjust turns guys eff.

Yes they are, you hipster

Yes they are, you hipster Matt Binder at FallowMailordera lot seem to have a problem with thisparagraph.step out of your bubble none atHere' s the full list at female characters that Nintendo intends as farWetten' s History Month: Tetra from "The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Walter ,"Tardette born the Mario series, bayonetta from "Bayonetta," Rosalina ttom the Marieseries, Lucius Eran: "Fire Emblem," Karmas Aran bun '" and Babbette fromPaper Maria.

How mom and dad met

How mom and dad met That's enough internet for today 11 mns agoWhen you catch yourself stealing from you 37 mns agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.4-2 41 mns agoThe Rising of the Shield Hero Ch.

joss wheadon cheats on his wife

joss wheadon cheats on his  wife “Don’t look at the sun without your glasses!” 3 mns agoSaw this woman getting a better view of the eclipse 13 mns agoTook a picture of the eclipse 19 mns agolook at that o`hair haircut 24 mns agoFoo Fighters featuring RICK ASTLEY - Never Gonna Give You Up 35 mns agoRuined it!

airbenders and age groups

airbenders and age groups Use that website to kill yourself 2 mns ago>Tfw you realise there is 45 books in the Horus Heresy 10 mns agoExactly a year on since I made this 23 mns agoYou're powered up, get in th.oh 31 mns agoit's my turn, to carry you.