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/pol/acks explain the history of white people

/pol/acks explain the history of white people is white aversion to blacks ani-)17( Tue) Ne.itstands reason thatancient blacks were just savage.

you know at least one lived

you know at least one lived after seeing that they are doing animal metaphors with the wolf being jack I'm worried not that the deer thing will be foreshadowing that she will have redemption by true love or some **** I hope not.I want her to be nursed back to health by the wolf that saved jack and the when she's better she kills the wolf and takes it's skin just to make her a real Villon true evil.

DM's Story Time

Been seeing a lot of D&D posts, so I thought I'd join in on the fun.I have DM'd here and there and thought I'd recount a session where the players just weren't having good luck.

Story ideas from Tumblr

Story ideas from Tumblr it would suck being a new immortal, 1' gumit' d be sing and people wouldgo, "what was it like seeing ancient civilizations rise and fall like that?watching the expansion and growth ofthe new waddy and N just be like, “no.