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Ocean Rift review -

Ocean Rift review - It’s a casual sea exploration game where you can visit twelve different habitats of exotic and extinct sea creatures.If you ever wanted to swim with dolphins, orca whales, manatees, or sea lions, you’ll probably enjoy this game.

Lost Sea Review - Xbox One

Lost Sea Review - Xbox One Set in the perilous environment of the Bermuda Triangle, Lost Sea sends your random character exploring randomly generated islands in search of a random mysterious portal which will hopefully take you home.There is a lot of randomness in Lost Sea but that is what makes it what it is.

Lost Sea - PS4 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room

Lost Sea - PS4 Review | Chalgyr's Game Room Overall Lost Sea is a great Roguelike that sticks to that concept very well without introducing loads of other features that bury the point.The search for the tablets can be an exhilarating or terrifying one depending upon which island you fortunately or unfortunately landed upon as the danger of death is always near very real with only ever having your weapon as a constant companion.