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Worst Case Scenario vs. Best Case Scenar

Worst Case Scenario vs. Best Case Scenar FedEx driver Matt Uhrin rescued Old Glor 19 hrs ago/pol/ fears la revolucion 19 hrs agoPBG in regards of friendship Jontron 18 hrs agoThe most painful video on the internet.23 hrs agoTrump keeps his promises as a politician 23 hrs ago/pol/ sums up the tolerant left 23 hrs agoLast Time I Checked its UNITED States 20 hrs ago

The Simpsons Season 173

The Simpsons Season 173 And suddenly java games starts 23 hrs agoBe tolerant of intolerance you bigot 22 hrs agoC'mon game designers, get with it!19 hrs agoEating the dark spots on the banana.