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/tv/ analyzes the newest Netflix series

/tv/ analyzes the newest Netflix series File: IMG dotjpg (16 KB, 182x268)YHERE IS )MYSELFwwent out with guy eberyone warned me about saying he was an assholewe was an assholeffriends grew apart from megguys said i have nice assbircks are assholes but i still interact with them constantlywee asian countried being nice to me and i was a complete cunt and humiliated himwe took seme drawing from my bagwhether nice cute guy likes mebi scream at him and he leaves like i said teeITS HIS FAULT FOR NOT STAYINGwhitness friend get raped and do nothingwe traumatized i Hemetthen to rapists partyjstrap dawn to almost nothingwang out in jacuzziwe semes in and i stay and even smile at himwe gets closewent say mo er even put Lip vague fightGOT REPEL) SURPRISEiviark out en i didnt Disclose any details teewe says there is nothing he can doVWHAT Atthen the tapes i left behind made sameone kill themself.SC) ) m?

>inb4 people saying traps aren't gay

>inb4 people saying traps aren't gay a_ heterosexuals (iii'))!Because I' m notmasturbating to the cockI' m looking at the ilikegirl' sfemininity.

Daily News April 19 2017

Daily News April 19 2017 Mexican Ex-governor to be extradited to both the USA and Mexico to face justice I swear to god at this point every mexican governor is a criminalThe United states and Mexico announced that the ex-governor of the state of Tamaulipas-Mexico Tomas Yarrington will be extradited from Italy to the two neighbor countries.After a careful analysis of evidence and charges in USA and Mexico against Yarrington and in accordance to the priority of the extradition requests, the United States of America and Mexico have agreed to send a request to the Italian Justice Minister to allow priority to the United states extradition application and also give autorization to the Mexican extradition request.

Arnon are amazed by germans

Arnon are amazed by germans Please spread this he save someone mambeing injured.Some fascists in have placed stickers sayingWe Chance For Islam" en iampingas and when you as toremove it, the razor stuck behind it slices up Ytour hand.