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Just say no to Thots

Just say no to Thots HealthOral sex spreading unstoppablebacteriaBy James GallagherHealth and science reporter, BBC News websiteOral sex is producing dangerous gonorrhea and adecline in condom use is helping it to spread, theWorld Health Organization has said.It warns that if someone contracts gonorrhea, it is nowmuch harder to treat, and in some cases impossible.

I'd be a bad parent

I'd be a bad parent I would be an awful parent.Mykid would say "l don' t wannago to school [just wannasleep" and Po probably get inbed with them and say "l feelyou"why weren' t you at school today"my mum feels me"police sirens'

games memes dump #7

games memes dump #7 Study Finds Men Prefer Yound and Fit Women 1 mn agoDix more black bad guys stopped by good guys with guns 2 mns agothe PC version of Super mario odessy looks great 7 mns agoFeminist policies are burning down Europe 21 mns agoThey ain't nice all the time 27 mns agoJay Anacleto Dejah Thoris covers.28 mns agoGovernment Can't Fix Healthcare 30 mns agoIts great that The Doctor is a woman.

funniest fact check ever :D

funniest fact check ever :D Get well John Mccain from /pol/ 3 mns agoWhen the teacher says, find two partners 4 mns agoAs a dad, I need to do this 4 mns agoI got a bad feeling about this 20 mns agoI wouldn't believe him either.40 mns agoTrying out doing a comp 1 44 mns agoAnon doesn't know what a goblin is 47 mns ago

George Lopez takes no shit

George Lopez takes no shit Historical photos part Willing to hire Title Maker for 2$ an hour 4 mns agoThe Simpsons did it again 9 mns agoShe deserves a wedding ring 17 mns agoDnD Comics #3 Meet the group 19 mns agoIdle hands are tools of Devil 19 mns agobasically just swapped existing resources 20 mns agoAn explanation for everyone 21 mns ago