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/k/ defends the earth

/k/ defends the earth ain bedawake upwee ayss all aroundkknow they can' t talk but they can read my mindpstart shitposting in my mindsthing NIGGER NIGGER NIGGER TRAP THREADLOSPUSSY GORE THREADtthey back up and try to recover from themindfuck recievedbedside shotguntthey' re fucked nowthem up one by onetthink to myself so they can hear it in their mindsTIME TC) TURN THIS ) rsl INTO A RAPE"otie all but one ofthem up and facefuck them onewhile the others watch"oonce i' done facefucking one, i light a cigarand punch it in the faceto earth

Top 5 Survival games on Xbox One

Top 5 Survival games on Xbox One They say that survival of the fittest, whether it be on an island, in an apocalypse, or beneath the sea, is the way humanity survives.Whether this is true or not, I can’t say, but the fifty tons of loot that I’ve gathered from the trail of death behind me is weighing my shoulders down and making it a bit harder to run.

Marvel Puzzle Quest and Rübæus - Beeps and Beers -

Marvel Puzzle Quest and Rübæus - Beeps and Beers - I have to say that while my judgment may have been slightly questionable, the results were not as I pulled the new (only days old) Bruce Banner Hulk 5 star Legendary character.Now, I realize that was probably just dumb luck (my first legendary pull when playing the game was a 5 star black costume Spider-Man as well) - but I'll take it.