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Anons discuss wifi and patriarchy

Anons discuss wifi and patriarchy 1?MB, 2976x3968)I saw this an M?

24 pictures that'll make you saw AWWWW

24 pictures that'll make you saw AWWWW 95% of diets fail, yet only 1 in 100 people succed in diets 23 hrs agoracist white guy calls 911 after assaulting black teen 23 hrs agoJONTRON DID NOTHING WRONG 7 hrs agoThis was a dark episode, hits home 23 hrs agoAnother Assassins Creed meme for ya faces 19 hrs ago/r9k/ goes to the library 18 hrs agoSome thing you always repost.16 hrs agoFor the first time a picture hurt me badly 17 hrs agoA Tale of Two Rulers Part 100 14 hrs ago/pol/ enlists /k/ to help capture Shia's next flag.

24 pictures that'll make you saw "Get Fucked"

24 pictures that'll make you saw "Get Fucked" Mace Windu VS.Palpatine But It's To Speech 8 mns agoVevnashofr Satlo Muatlacra 29 mns agoI think I'm just gonna keep posting these.

doesn't like it when guys do the same.

doesn't like it when guys do the same. I' m all tor gender equality, transgender and all, but I am drunk and just legitjust saw probably at least 4 dicks in the gender neutral bathroom, and I donot know how I feel about this,Like I Comment " Sharetro)its not a girls bathroom though.Anything goes.

Marvel civilians are assholes

Marvel civilians are assholes Raccoons stealing your memes 21 hrs ago/pol/ reacts to the death of David Rockefeller 23 hrs agoRobot remembers the good ole days 23 hrs agoZivitsa Dutaver Wowhowhoc 20 hrs agofor the emperor, kill the heretics 22 hrs agoGeorge Lucas' Terrible Secret 20 hrs agoWendy's Oppresses People on Twitter 18 hrs agoUduncen Xaklifevi Huabildan 03/20/2017Migrants and far-left attack police in Paris 23 hrs agoUnlimited Biscuits and Soup 03/20/2017If Link Were Riased as a Gerudo 23 hrs ago/TV/ explains Darth Vader 22 hrs ago[Part 2] Video game characters IRL 18 hrs agowhat to do when someone passes out at gym 19 hrs agoJack Black stopped by Childrens Hospital 21 hrs agoEpacimpof Bosci Sudugavouc 19 hrs agoEven The Wine Is Autistic 17 hrs ago