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Police officer saves woman trapped

Police officer saves woman trapped Spokane police officer saves woman trapped in burning carPolice say when the officer arrived, the woman's car was filled with smoke.The officer had to break the window out with the help of a neighbor to save the woman.

Freeman saves /pol/ack from some Trayvon

Freeman saves /pol/ack from some Trayvon dirtyloud, jpg t4- Time for a bad nigger exp.(Lilme ini.

Handcuffed teen saves life

Handcuffed teen saves life In September, Jamal was once again arrested on charges of violence, criminal mischief and burglary by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department in Florida.While the young man was quietly waiting until officer Franklin Foulks was finished with his paperwork, he suddenly saw the officer collapse to the ground and also saw him noticeably reaching for his chest.

Bill Nye the fake scientist guy.

Bill Nye the fake scientist guy. My Sex Junk - Rachel Bloom - Bill Nye Saves TheWorld221, 271 vieBen Garrison e.-s wea q Bill should have used his supposed science skills he assalt up same Hydrogen Cyanide andgas ' with this inciting travesty.

/fit/izen saves a manlet from humiliation

/fit/izen saves a manlet from humiliation UPIaat mm todaymake a stop at a clientsyhe' s talking to his assistant as I work awaytiny like barely 5'they' re discussing heightm 5' 11" and easily 4" taller than himshe asks how tall I amHeck at himman see the fear in his eyesWe mewsait I say my actual height he' ll be found outyhis will be exposed and his underling will isse all respect for him, perhaps even despise himmercifuleveryone probably looks 6' 2" to thissshe is impressedtthe relief from him is palpableabut he mewsWe mews I meld destroy him and he now is in my pewee for all timewe they mm team?