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1 year after saving that kid

Remember the starving, abandoned child foundin Nigeria in January 2016?This is his first day of school, exactly one yearafter he was rescued by Ania Rundgren Love' nThe boy, named Hope, was left to die by hisparents after being accused ofHe was taken to the hospital immediately, andwas treated for malnutrition and stomach8 months after his discovery, he started togain weight and regain his energyRDI,He even received a fresh haircut to go along withhis new lease on lifeHope made a full recovery, and is barelyrecognizable from beforeHe lives in an meam with other children castout ".

Sir Nicholas Winton Who Saved 669 Childr

During The Holocaust Had No Idea They Were Seated Around Him on Live TV Sir Nicholas Winton who organised the rescue and passage to Britain of about 669 mostly Jewish Czechoslovakian children destined for the Nazi death camps before World War II in an operation known as the Czech Kindertransport.

Pokemon saved a life

Pokemon saved a life Anonymous 3 minutes agobe mea be 23work in hospital that' s in a really shittyneighborhoodr: work night shift get out atwalking to my trucka suddenly a wild nignog appearsman lemme akechi sumthin"'start getting a feeling in pit of mystomach so I tum around to walk back tohospitalNignog 2 has entered the battleYou know what this is wallet phone andkeys nigga"Go instant beta and go to give himeverything when suddenly phone rings.mpaThe nignogs stop".

/b/ discovers the phone call that saved Assad

/b/ discovers the phone call that saved Assad You will not make the questioning.You guys are buddies or something, right?

Find your favorite photos easier with Instagram’s new Pinterest-like Collections

Find your favorite photos easier with Instagram’s new Pinterest-like Collections On Monday, Instagram launched private collections, a way to not just save but organize photos for easy access later.Organized collections is designed to make browsing saved posts a bit simpler.