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Where boys become men

Where boys become men WHEN YOU WANT TO BECOME DINO NUGGIES IN REAL LIFE 18 mns agoSad Truth about school.29 mns ago“Would you like a Heat Badge?

Uncle Ben sets Peter straight

Uncle Ben sets Peter straight youre sad because a girl at '_veer doesn' t like Pntl back?I left school to bullseye geeks hem a helicopter in themiddle of sence god forsaken jungle.

Rick and Morty Drawings

Rick and Morty Drawings now this IS what i want :) 33 mns agoAll Around Me Are Familiar Faces 1 hr agoYou got your beard stuck in the wrong letterbox 2 hrs agowhen the entire cs-go lobby is drunk off vodka 2 hrs agoWhat do you think of Reimu 3 hrs agoAre you suggesting what really happened, HAPPENED?3 hrs ago