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Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #21

Justin's Wholesome Memes/Comics #21 Religion Seen at The Beach 1 mn agoWill you help my wish come true?10 mns agoThe most british world record 12 mns agoA lesson on having no life.

Daily News Feb-12-2017

Daily News Feb-12-2017 Click to block a category: notlittledevil prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment Hamburg Airport evacuatedHamburg airport was evacuated under toxin alert after several people said had difficulties to breathe and suffered eye irritation.68 people were injured but nothing life threatening.

anon goes on a pizza hut date

anon goes on a pizza hut date kgst up the courage and ask a girl en a datesshe said yessuggest pizza hutlikes the idea because its nastalgic and seems quirkywenever been en a date befirettry acting mature even though i am 25starts getting uncomfertablehow man age tn salvage itorderzpizza semesam still trying m impress herask the waitress If I can pay complements he the chefw) thaught the chef semes out, but you you have m inte the kitchencleese‘ t cemo with mepstart the chef by myself en a beautiful pizza well timetast back to the table and she genewwait fer a whilewesk fer fakeoutis laughingisat fer wmin holding back the tears

Why don't you fuck off Amy!

Why don't you fuck off Amy! Verizon HE 3: 00 PM thy.Hey sweetie it' s Amy!

Arguing with a Trump hater...

Arguing with a Trump hater... Anonymous asked:Literally nothing he has said ordone states or even implies thathe believes whites to be superiorto anyone else.His actionsprotect American lives.

Some cool info stuff

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