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Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry File: ( 11 KB, 206x318)delayers are investigating an ancient.abandoned castleside: "So yeti step into this banquet hall.

"You aren't that special."

"You aren't that special." Aden' t feel safe around white people.It is yourresponsibility, it you care aleart me, make me feel safe with your alliens andwerds.

Hugh Jackman uses 4chan

Hugh Jackman uses 4chan Anonymous ( Mon) 18: 46: 13 No.740689983Post YourThat You Can27 KB JPGJust share your secrets, this is a safe place.

Internet Gambling Bill News :: US Internet Gambling Legislation and UIGEA News

In October of last year, in the final moments of the last Republican dominated session, Rep.Bill Frist attached a bill to the Safe Port Act without anyone in the Senate having any knowledge of it until fifteen minutes before the Act hit the floor for debate.