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Movie Tie-In Games Sure Are Getting Fancy

Movie Tie-In Games Sure Are Getting Fancy Would you believe this lovely hand-drawn collectible card-based role-playing game is based on the upcoming prequel/sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman?We don’t get movie tie-in games on PC and console much these days.

From the Heart of Africa, An Action Video Game With Soul

From the Heart of Africa, An Action Video Game With Soul Last week saw the release of Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan, the first major video game made in central Africa.Cameroon-based gamemakers Kiro’o Studios ended a successful crowdfunding campaign last October to help them finish the action role-playing game.

Pyre Announced by Supergiant Games

Pyre Announced by Supergiant Games To be honest, this came out of the left field for me, considering it hadn't been teased at all and that this isn't a big season for announcements, but it's a pleasant surprise.For now, the only information comes from the official website and the reveal trailer.

The Future of the ARPG

The Future of the ARPG If not for the contributions of David Brevik, the Schaefer brothers, and Stieg Hedlund in the early days of the Diablo series, the action RPG scene that we've come to know and love would likely be considerably different, if existing at all.So it's interesting to hear what Stieg has to say about the current scene and the future of the action RPG battlefield in this new editorial on Gamasutra:

Dungenious review -

Dungenious review - Dungenious isn’t your typical hack and slash RPG.It’s a 2D flashcard learning RPG where you attack monsters by correctly answering multiple choice questions within the time limit.

Techland Developing Open-World Fantasy RPG, Hellraid Could Rise Again

Techland Developing Open-World Fantasy RPG, Hellraid Could Rise Again While it's described as "an open-world fantasy game with RPG elements" rather than a full-blown CRPG, it's certainly worth bringing this report on Eurogamer to your attention, as it confirms that Techland is working on such a game and that their first-person action RPG Hellraid (which was put on hold last year) has not been entirely cancelled yet.Word is that they'd consider turning Hellraid over to a trusted and capable developer, if such an option comes to fruition:

Paizo Announces Starfinder RPG

While we're talking about a tabletop RPG at this point and its release isn't scheduled until August of next year, it's certainly worth mentioning that Paizo is hard at work on building Starfinder, a sci-fi version of Pathfinder that's set thousands of years in the future.And given their partnership with Obsidian Entertainment that includes a CRPG at some point, perhaps this will become more relevant in the not-too-distant future:

The Appeal of MOBA Heroes

In a new The RPG Scrollbars column on Rock, Paper, Shotgun, Richard Cobbett makes a case for the appeal of MOBA characters when compared to recent RPG protagonists that happen to not be very customizable while also being pretty dull.To be perfectly honest, my interest in MOBAs and online games tends to be on the very low end of the spectrum, so, while I understand Cobbett's criticism of characters such as the Fallout 4 protagonist, the paragraph where he waxes poetic about MOBA characters largely fall flat on me.

No Truce With the Furies Announced, Isometric RPG Focused on Dialogue and Replayability

Have you ever considered playing an RPG where you're put in the shoes of a total failure in a world steeped in magical realism?I wasn't familiar with indie studio Fortress Occident, which makes sense given they have just announced their debut title, No Truce With the Furies, an isometric RPG that focuses on choices and consequences and aims for a very literary and artistic presentation.

Conan Exiles Coming to Steam Early Access, RPG Mechanics Revealed

After reading the new Conan Exiles Reddit AMA that Funcom hosted and learning about the game's character progression system, guild mechanics, NPC factions, and more, I'm confident that the title has enough RPG elements in it to call for continued coverage here in these halls through to its release and beyond.And that release is going to begin on September 13th, as the team plans to release the survival RPG (I can call it that now, right?

Adventure Labyrinth Story review -

Adventure Labyrinth Story review - A few years back 3DS owners got to experience a unique twist to the RPG genre through the game Adventure Bar Story.In it, we ran a bar, cooked food, and adventured across the land searching for new ingredients to cook with.