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Anon plays Mario Kart

Anon plays Mario Kart invites a girl and furfriendover, we all post up in the living room toplay Mario Kartgirls spend minutes eachmaking Wis, even though it' s not evengirls actually PLAY as their Wismask one who she usually mains and shedeosn' t know what I meanwhey: dent know how to drifttthey dent hold items behind themselveswet mad when I snipe shet them withgreen shells hem behindaafter I fucking destroy them in a 4 tracks; eries, ene ofthem says under their breathto the other "Does he know he' s supposedto let as win?" [I almost didn' t hear thembecause I was doing my Luigi Voice [I mainLuigi])I women, Ijust hate them.

D&D Comp 4

D&D Comp 4 i (Tue) 10: 50: 00My trophy room is large and airy, with a magically reinforced glass it are pictures and strips - Eachpicture is of a party member of important NPC who traveled with us.

The Ballad of Captain Jack

The Ballad of Captain Jack we all better movies but I honestly think that Pirates If the Caribean we comet thing hean RPG campaign that we' ll ever get.I think ytay' m actually right.

Would you swim in this apartment building’s rooftop glass-bottom pool?

Would you swim in this apartment building’s rooftop glass-bottom pool? If you’re planning a luxury apartment building you’ll need a long list of desirable amenities.Houston’s Market Square Tower took the concept literally with its rooftop glass-bottom pool, Dezeen reports.