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last few seasons were meh

last few seasons were meh dead friend < save the game , she got her priorities straight.7 mns agoAnon ruined his chance to fucc 13 mns agoTumblr Reacts to the Death of a Trump Supporter 15 mns agoIndian call girls indubai ,callwhatsapp 00971565841893 18 mns agoFastest Traffic Report Ever 23 mns agoI'm logging off life after reading this 27 mns agoBill Nye used to be cool.

That was trendy like 3 months ago

That was trendy like 3 months ago Unite the trash to unlock the smile room 21 hrs agoSometimes, you can be wrong 21 hrs agoWhen it's The Mummy, you don't a need a good title 21 hrs ago/pol/ has a case of déjà-vu 20 hrs agoCool Psychology Tricks You Need To Try 22 hrs agoIf you don't breed with immigrants, you're a nazi 23 hrs ago

Monster Comp: The Mist

Spider-like creatures from Stephen King's "The Mist", the Grey Widowers were very abundant when the mist rolled in, featuring skull like faces and terrible attitudes to boot.Once killed or incapacitated, the widowers would either consume their prey or lay thousands of eggs in the host, which would burst open within 24 hours.