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Roll to be king

Roll to be king Inb4 it isnt actual history 9 mns ago/fit/ Whale Hunting Stories 13 mns agoOVERWATCH NOIR : Tracer & McCree 14 mns agoProbopass has a pretty cool fighting style actually 17 mns agoAlways calls on the kid who doesn't raise their hand 24 mns agoAssassinations is a dish best Serbed cold 24 mns agoWhich Civ game should I get?36 mns agoI like these poses Ash does now when commanding his Pokemon 37 mns ago

deku is so sweet

deku is so sweet Another View of Charlottesville Car Crash 3 mns agoPandemonium Wizard Village, Ch.5 15 mns agoA message for all his flat-chested friends 26 mns agoMy proudest lucio ball moment 29 mns agoEven innocent men are guilty in the eyes of college star chambers 35 mns agoPuppy left in trashbag has forever family 38 mns agoSPERIT PLAYS PATH OF EXILE PART 6 40 mns agoBuntch of Memes I've made part 2 47 mns agoNever too soon, only too late 1 hr ago

I Don't Understand How Some Women

I Don't Understand How Some Women Fossil footprints found in Crete 16 hrs ago(Average Texan, looking for gasoline and land, circa 2017) 16 hrs ago/pol/ solves world hunger 23 hrs agoSaying Harry Potter and Hermione Granger are white is racist 21 hrs agoHave you tried google translate?4 hrs agoThe Four Elements Specialized, Non-benders 20 hrs agoWhat we all want to do with dragons 9 hrs ago

Safety Roll Call: Hurricane Irma

Safety Roll Call: Hurricane Irma If you live in an area where Hurricane Irma is expected to hit, please tell us so in the comments.We will compile a list of every user who claims to live in an area expected to be hit by Hurricane Irma.