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20XX Review - The Gamers Lounge

20XX Review - The Gamers Lounge The new Mega Man-themed roguelike platformer from Batterystaple games combines two genres known mainly for their difficulty: old-school platform games, and roguelikes.The issue with this combination is that old-school platformers trade on repetition, muscle memory, and pattern recognition to move their players through the game, and roguelikes usually throw most of this out the window, meaning the players have to learn more to rely on skills and powerups than figuring out level layout.

Dear Roguelikes, It’s Not You, It’s Me

Dear Roguelikes, It’s Not You, It’s Me Not too long ago I got a code for the new mobile game Remedy Rush, the latest game from awesome Chicago-based indie developer Whitaker Trebella.But as more and more games adopt these elements, games like Remedy Rush that are absolutely worth recommending, I’ve accepted that roguelikes just aren’t for me.