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Bring PlayStation’s ‘Road to Greatness’ tour to your hometown

Bring PlayStation’s ‘Road to Greatness’ tour to your hometown The PlayStation 4 looks like it will have a huge 2017, with next month’s PlayStation VR title Farpoint serving as perhaps the first “must-have” game for the peripheral, and Sony wants lucky fans to bring unreleased PlayStation 4 games to their hometown for a massive celebration.For Uncharted, however, fans must re-enact a scene from their favorite game in the series.

The Road to El Dorado

The Road to El Dorado the dank side of the moon 6 mns agoOne Piece art in 82,000 Minecraft blocks.15 mns agoHeroes of the Storm: Genji Spotlight 16 mns agoReality is not a strong point of the left 27 mns agoNot being French I want to know 27 mns agoThe Great Meme War - The Battle for France 28 mns agoLocal Sperit Gets Destroyed 29 mns agoHand-Holding At The Wrong Place & Time 31 mns agoI put the "pimp" in pimples 32 mns agoA Leaf illustrates environmental racism.

In the 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special, black is the new chrome

In the 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special, black is the new chrome And that’s a big deal with the 2017 Harley-Davidson Road King Special.And trim color isn’t the only thing that’s new with Harley’s Road King Special bagger.

Anon has a hobby

Anon has a hobby File: 1500435_ (3.8 MB, 330x271)seems like something is wrong with him before he gets shot?

follow the yellow brick road

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Memes 4 Da Soul

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Memes of average flavor

Memes of average flavor Man Sings Over Haruhi Singing (Cringe) 1 mn agoSenior Google engineer criticizes diversity, employees go nuts 1 mn agoJoJo's Bizarre Summer Break Chapters 67 and 68 2 mns agoYoutube getting sued over Adpocalypse 2 mns agoZetrall Gemocable Kolexceso 3 mns agoDETROIT: BEFORE AND AFTER BLACKS 17 mns agoPoorly Drawn: Invasion Part 22:Snek 19 mns agoAnon realizes how large Russia is 22 mns agoMe IRL (i want any and all opinions!) 27 mns agoWhere the heart lies after 30 mns agoThe Mikado - Jon English 1996 31 mns agototally a part 5 trailer,not a jojoke 35 mns agoHappy ending for shaun of the dead 38 mns agothe will to meme, Nintendo edition 38 mns agoPhantom Enigma Chapter 1 Pages 11-15 43 mns ago

Today is a sad day.

Today is a sad day. My 16 year old cat died in her sleep last night.I had her since I was 8 years old ,found her on the side of a Texas road in a sack with her brothers and sisters.