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would u swipe right?

would u swipe right? I' m trans.Detho you stilllike me?

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101

How to protect customers from shitty videogames 101 Right where it belongs :^) After dumping everything into the bin Your browser does not support the video tag.Okay, explanation what the literal **** is going on:>Do freelance work for a game retail shop>Apparently they received a shipment of ME:A with all of the CD-Keys stolen during transit>Big **** you to EA for not even disabling the stolen CD-Keys>This crap would actually need to end up in trash eventually so we just decided to have some fun

Anon is a babysitter

Anon is a babysitter pngneed advice asap I' m freaking out right now, i don' t want to go to prison armaiiLl Anonymous 03/ 27/ 17( Mon) 23: 15: 26 No.727090350 FIt shes going to tell her parents you touched her you might as well molest herLl Anonymous 03/ 27/ 1 7( Mon) 23: 17: 18 blo.

It's happening to Me right now

ithought Iwassuperior toeveryoneelse for notdrinking or going toparties and insteadbeing a good boybethought being aloofmade me betterwenever went afteranyone but my SHE]ileitis because my lovefor her was too pure andi thought perseveringwould prove somethingThe chads and stachesin my year were reallydecent people too, atleast from 11th gradeon.They gave me a lotof chances to fit in and Imissed all of thembecause I was tooprofoundly autistic.