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people dying, WOAH SHIT edition

people dying, WOAH SHIT edition Woman tries to jump out of the way of a trucks spraying hosejumps into death instead footage of fatal plane accident in Russia via cockpit rare double scooter take downonly the first one died tho Scooter driver narrowly avoids getting his head crushedhis passenger doesn't the literal 1 thing you fear whenever you go to a mechanic happens the car falls truck with it's back open clips scooter driver, ending his scootering career and life man clearing a tarp forgets about the exposed powerline directly above himalso here are some bulls man killed in the charging of the bulls in Fiesta de Xico, Mexicodon't worry, that red thing there is just a bag of chips 5 men taunt bull, catches one of them.Takes place in Veracruz, the first Mexican city to outlaw bullfighting Rodeo Cowboy eviscerated by the bull he is riding truck carrying large pipes slams on the breaks, ramming pipes through truck man with a medical collapses and falls on to train tracks as train approaches incase you needed more proof scooters are not safe at all

African Super Problem S (long post)

African Super Problem S (long post) Vitel Bimodseifi Saruanean 6 mns agoI found this too stupidly funny.21 mns agoAny tips for someone learning to code?