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Get rid of cable

Get rid of cable Is there another way to play the game though?22 hrs agoAmelia Bedalia + Bonus Fanart 19 hrs agoNew United Airlines Movie 22 hrs agofriendzoned so f'ing hard 22 hrs agoScary stuff comp #17 [morbid] 23 hrs agoFreshly stolen Meme Dump #2 21 hrs agoI think it was about censorship laws in Japan 22 hrs agoOldies but goodies:Korean comics.

Last moments with my leg

Last moments with my leg Like some of you may know I am diagnosed with cancer and had a fiew chemical treatments in the past to get rid of it.What some of you didn't knew is that the bone cancer wich is infesting my left leg has spread so far that not only do doctors need to amputate the under leg where it has spread the most but also the whole joint since the cancer from the underleg started to infest it too.