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When You're Rich but Stupid

When You're Rich but Stupid Downtown Josh Brown 15Here' s why a couple earning a year inis FollowNew York City ends up with nothing besidesHow To Make ssoo, oon A Tear And Still Feel AverageGross noContribution withdull: HusbandSatan; Afterdark1055 Effective Tax RateNet Eatery‘ExpensesChildcare [Two Children]Food for four (Includes date nights every two weeks)Home Maintenance500, 000 home]Three Vacations A FearCar 5 Series, Toyota Land Cruiser]GasCar InsuranceLife Insurance 63 million term)Clothes for four people (no fancy bags, shoes, or threads]Children' s Lessons (sports, piano, violin, academics}Charioteer The Children, College Alumni]Undergrad and Graduate student Man debt lit] -ED years)Miscellaneous [something always comes up]Total Candi:Phat‘: LeftSource: Finad:.iornheir

She's a rich girl

She's a rich girl I Have a Secret To Tell You FJ.21 hrs agoSesame Street Adventures 116, the return!

Have a problem? BLAME THE RICH

Have a problem? BLAME THE RICH To.the working class andc, class of America:ti'.

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu

Ysco Lerre Nemy Zomutacu So Poland is forced to open borders to immigrants 11 mns agoSo much salt, so little time 15 mns agoMime Screams F*ck Off during BBC News Interview 22 mns agoVR Kanojo: animemanga Plays 25 mns agoStar vs.The forces Of Evil 25 mns agocarts are the only fun in gorl 26 mns agoThe autistic liberals strike again 26 mns ago

Memes that taste like the food from the school cafeteria

Memes that taste like the food from the school cafeteria The title wrote itself, honestly 3 mns agoMFW when i'm finished studying WWII 13 mns agoI made a thing, FJ (Mystery Dungeon Remix) 15 mns ago" Offensive as hell, pickup lines." 22 mns agoKnight Artorias and Sif cosplay.

/an/on slaughters a duck

/an/on slaughters a duck 5 Anonymous 07/ 18/ 17( Tue) 11: 53: 40 blo/ 2433777sback when beta_ anon was 10shave 1 his friend who is an onlyA child and rich asfffriend lives in 6 bedroomlakefront mansionand swan familiesacuter pegMme and friend go down to lakefront after seeingmama duck and 6 babiesslots of lose rock on ground at lakefrontssome rocks as bigger than golf ballregretrreally trying to impress rich friend - jokingly sayBet I can hit one"epick up rock and throw in generaldirection of duck family (est.away onlake)rock strikes mama duck on neck instantlyshattering multiple vertebraesits head uncontrollably plunges into waterfduck cannot get head above water and violentflapping and muffled squawking ensuewwtf have I doneWe me cannot emotionally handle the burdenof the crime I had just committedfduck since stopped moving and making noisegust of wind blows the corpse away withchicks still followingFriend comforts the by saying that it' s justlooking for eels underwater to protect the chicksrepented that night

I'm not as rich as you, dont rub it in.

I'm not as rich as you, dont rub it in. I Uh I Don't Know What He's Doing Either 1 mn agoPow!Right In The Cooter!


HE HAS BEEN JAILED! 26 May 2017, Martin Shirely posted this:i' ll put up , 000 for informationleading to the arrest of Seth Rich' skillertheu Iceman pillar:3 SharesAnd then, a few months later (30 August 2010.lilt Then Is.