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There's something strange....

There's something strange.... Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [ I Auto] 29/ 12 f 24/ 5File: screenshoted._.

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Interview

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire Interview I'd love to hear more about your plans there, but I also want to jump over to the big news: Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire.We're at $2.

/b/ writes a program.

/b/ writes a program. American Horror Story: Nicole Kidman Edition 23 hrs agoThis is why they hate PewDiePie 22 hrs agoA reminder to all Trigger Happy Tumblrinas.16 hrs agoDave Grohl and Mark Hoppus 19 hrs agoJason Bourne it's Jesus Christ!

Genghis Khan tendency's

Genghis Khan tendency's ilivid) 08/ 09/ 14( Sat) rrd?I got an STD and STI check last week and luckily they came back negative with anything.

/btard goes to college

/btard goes to college Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [Cl Auto]File: images (uegg (3 KB, 127x127)Ll Anonymous (( Tue) 10: 59.24 No.

Anon has a broken toilet.

Anon has a broken toilet. Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] [U Auto]File: ( 43 KB.5001335}vmy shitty has been broken for monthsprofessional repairafraid to interact with crapper repairman because he wiil think I' m at stupid cite}: for not being able to its my own toilettohave been shitting in my yard ever since it got brokenWhit pile in yard is getting more and more noticeableWhy am I We thisnot professional help

Anon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco.

Anon summarizes maddow tax return fiasco. MI File: tn._ ipg (87 KB, 960x727)chides tax returns for monthsthink something' s shady is in themappend months tryingto illegally get copyRachel Maddow))) gets hands on it and can' t resist releasing it tothe publicMums out Trump pays million in taxes.

Anon has an interesting belly

Anon has an interesting belly Return] [Catalog] [Bottom] [Update] pro' Auto] 45) 13 I 36 I 4File: (159 KB, 640x630)L) Anonymous 03/ ( Fri) 09: 51: 54 Nty,.726681144 F :iim% 3how does it feel knowing i could crush your head like a grape?