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Russian Uniforms 1900s-2017

Russian Uniforms 1900s-2017 I tried my clothes and noticed the button she had on her jacket.I asked her if she knew what it was and she said oh from a band.

Gamers aren't human, according to Vice/Motherboard

Gamers aren't human, according to Vice/Motherboard Gamers aren't human, according to Vice/Motherboard Click to block a category: huntergriff prev nextrandomComment PrevTopNextComment This is why people hate gaming journalism, you retarded spew-monkeys.You, and your cohorts, epitomize everything wrong with gaming journalism, Vice.

Anon on city folk.

Anon on city folk. we meeebe retarded urbanityawake up at 3: 00 AM, get off my cardboard bedaround my 20 square feet apartment I pay per day to get ready for workaways apartment building at 5: 00 AMget trampled on outsidespinally get to carego to turn on radiogratins missingMake it hours to get to work because of shit tramsspull into giant parking lotout of cargget mugged by black gentlemanMcnally get up to office at 8: 15 AMI: -spend next 45 minutes before job starts sucking off my boss so I can keep my jobwork"( mad shitpost online) for 7 hoursaactually work for last hourwork, drive back towet out of can get mugged againthis timeshave no money, so he stabs me and runsup to apartment, can' t go to hospital because you can' t afford itpast computer, glancing at itstop dead in tracksI: -"Dirty Redneck thread"asswell with liberal retardation and inner city riotsover to Macproply to thread with "Lol, white people"immediately after clicking postEdie of mood loss, glad you defended he honor of the glorious city