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Anon has a fetish

Anon has a fetish my finger in s ear deer like a retardfileid up with talliedwhithin the hear whale fucking nail turned blackHer days alter my firestar was in e.paint take the pain I decided I needed drain this fuckermet e paperclip and Mid it ever athe red hat tip and stink it en my minutemailI Mart melting e hele throught the maillike A pig, feeling like We perfecting surgeryMinotar is pulsing like A motherfucker, We in pain but enduring this shit fer another day mule be even worsebleed starts squirting em of my nailHeel the pressure rush em H my finger, ens of the mast relieving I' everwatching the bleed drip tut gt my nail and chanting ewe fer the bleed gee

Navy anon guys goes full retard

Navy anon guys goes full retard U Anonymous 04/ 07/ 17( Fri) 04: 55: 54 No.40986687File: we 0480.

Never go full retard

Never go full retard A Tale of Two Rulers Part 119 2 mns agoLena Dunham has finally gone too far!4 mns agoA Tale of Two Rulers - Full Movie (Zelda Comic Dub) 13 mns agoCooking with Vladi (for joining the list) 20 mns agoAnon has a Maori squadmate 29 mns agoWhen memes hit too close home.

California going literally full retard

California going literally full retard White announced, , that the public university system will no longer incorporate placement exams for English and mathematics for incoming freshmen.The controversy about remedial education and placement exams is not new.

Worst tweet of all time by libtard enrages lasat

Worst tweet of all time by libtard enrages lasat I have no idea who this retard is but he retweeted one of Trump's few tweets that ARENT about the hurricane and made it into some big point.I'm actually triggered.

Anon uses the bathroom

Anon uses the bathroom Memes that are crispy on the outside but moist on the inside 21 hrs agoMainstream media these days 22 hrs agoADMIN LAUNCHES MISSILE OVER JAPAN 21 hrs agoMAN STABBED FOR NAZI HAIRCUT A FAKE: STORY WAS MADE UP 19 hrs agoAnon has a long way to go 21 hrs agoAnon looks forward to moving to Japan 21 hrs ago

Retard piggie forgets about the 4th amendment - now on leave!

Retard piggie forgets about the 4th amendment - now on leave! This is crazy,’ snubs Utah hospital [ lilili]a Derek Hawkins it Mi ISNNurse arrested after refusing to take blood from umx) noxious patient Embed tty Share "F Play Video 1: 52The head nurse at the of Utah Ha "tats hum unit was arrested Mg 26 after she told a Salt La he Elm police he wasn' tto draw blead mm a patient.{Herr arter]