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Buttholee Video Comp #89

Buttholee Video Comp #89 Anon gets drunk and leaves his number in 4chan thread 03/26/2017master chief is dead, long live the chief 21 hrs agoTechnically it's a body transplant 23 hrs agoSiary Igun Inac Howolifevn 22 hrs agoBack When Cartoon Network was Good 23 hrs agoAvni Kowevissof Hiodsashe 23 hrs agoAnon makes a homeless friend 19 hrs agoThe voice of Samurai "Six-pack, All-Wrath" Jack 17 hrs agoThe hero Andromeda deserves, but not the one it needs right now 03/26/2017Handcuffed teen saves life 17 hrs agoFranchise defining qualities 22 hrs agoJust me trying to edit stuff 15 hrs ago

Buttholee Video Comp #90

Buttholee Video Comp #90 Brian Wu Misgenders Someone 21 hrs agoIt's happening to Me right now 19 hrs agoGeorge Lopez takes no sht 19 hrs agoAccurate description of how we deal with criminals.19 hrs agoHow Overwatch won the Omnic Crisis 03/28/2017/fit/ likes Dave Chappelle 17 hrs agoI could really use a sandwich, woman.

The results are in from that adorable second grade class survey

The results are in from that adorable second grade class survey The quiz, which was put online by Kara Porter from North Vermillion Elementary School in Cayuga, Indiana, was designed to help second grade students learn about graphs.Each kid submitted one question for the survey and the topics were predictably adorable.

CD Projekt Group 2016 Financial Results Conference

CD Projekt Group 2016 Financial Results Conference Adam Kiciński, the co-CEO of CD Projekt Group, the conglomerate behind GOG and The Witcher games, held a conference describing the Group's financial results in 2016.The presentation goes over the long-term sales of The Witcher series, GOG's Galaxy client, The Witcher card game, GWENT, and includes a Q&A session towards the end.


SAMURAI JACK / BATMAN CROSSOVER All ages Maps Shopping More Settings ToolsAbout 2 results (.Best guess for this image: batmanBatman - Wikipediawikipe: iia.

CD Projekt 2016 Financial Results Summary

CD Projekt 2016 Financial Results Summary In case you were curious about the financial state of CD Projekt Group, this article on their official website provides a quick summary of 2016's financial results.The biggest standout there is that The Witcher series have sold over 25,000,000 copies to date.

Ichepem Yttus Nyil Zossougsi

Ichepem Yttus Nyil Zossougsi Google pleonasmsAll Maps Videos Shopping News More v Search toolsresults [DAD seconds)pleonasm is the additional and extra use of added, spare, unnecessary,redundant (superfluous or surplus), unneeded, and words inaddition to, and on top of, what is necessary or essential.Or required.

The straight talk express

The straight talk express Eat less of this And more of this Leave the "favorite" part of "favorite and forget" behind when you see these Instead, do this.A couple months for you to start noticing yourself and probably 3 - 6 months for everyone else to notice.